Since inception, Quviant has built a nice reputation based on the understanding and essential intersection of marketing, branding and communications (sales, too) and the art of project management and earned value management systems.

In the mid-1990's, Quviant was founded as a Program, Project & Controls, (PP&C), Earned Value Management Systems (EVMS) and Risk Mitigation & Management (RMM) consulting firm providing staffing expertise in the implementation and support of programs, projects and Project Management Offices (PMO). 


Today, Quviant is a specialty marketing, branding, and communications firm emphasizing the implementation and acceptance of (aka: reducing culture shock) of PP&C, EVMS, and RMM practices.

The Basis

Serving large corporations in aerospace and defense, financial services pharmaceuticals, IT, construction, energy, and transportation, we began to notice a tendency of product development and project teams resist the practice and implementation of PP&C, EVMS and RMM practices.  When working on numerous multi-MILLION, and BILLION-dollar government programs and corporate projects we began thinking hard about why these programs were shutting-down or were so far behind schedule and over budget.  Let alone the excuses and blame-games.  Mind-Boggling amounts of time and money wasted due to countless reasons, but one stood out - the lack of understanding the critical nature of accepting proven methodologies found in PP&C and EVMS.   

The 'Ah-Ha' Moment

The problem was not (or is not) the PP&C and EVMS practices in and of themselves - anyone can learn methods and practices - it was the lack of messaging and marketing of the "hows and whys" these practices would help keep projects moving forward profitably and with clarity.  The 'Ah-Ha!" moment came when several engineers and analysts who came to us looking for jobs, said, "...it sure would've been nice if someone treated implementing PP&C and EVMS practices like a "marketing campaign."

Business Refocus

That moment of sudden realization hit us like a ton of bricks and in the early-2000's began including 'communications' as part of our standard PP&C and EVMS support efforts.  With a background in marketing, communications, web design, advertising -- plus project and EVMS management, in 2017, I refocused Quviant to be a specialty marketing, branding, and communications firm emphasizing the acceptance of; and reducing culture shock of PP&C, EVMS, and RMM practices.

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