Why Us?

Specialists vs. Generalists.

Quviant is not your ordinary mar/comm agency.  Fact is, there are many agencies we admire, but they are generalists.  We are specialists in not only PP&C and EVMS - but in the marketing and communications of implementing, and the nuances of sustaining a successful PP&C and EVMS business or Government compliance practice.

So, Why a Project Management Speciality Ad Firm?

Consider this - if the future of your company, program or project rests on successful product development, but your organization does not have repeatable PP&C, EVMS or PMO practices - then consider using a strategic marketing campaign approach. 

Perhaps your organization is showing a 'lack of enthusiasm' to the implementation and adoption of PP&C, EVMS or PMO practices.  "We don't need that...," "Takes too much time...," and many other 'reasons'.  

The Bottom Line.

We help clients build stronger, more productive product development teams, reduce wasted time and money, while retaining essential employees by treating the implementation and 'buy-in' of PP&C and EVMS practices as an 'Ad Campaign.'   Your organization gains by creating pointed messaging for your employee's growth, providing contractor opportunities and instilling confidence in your external paying customers.

Speaking the Language is One Thing.  Knowing It is Another.

We are the only agency in the nation which focuses exclusively on the marketing and communications of implementing, and nuances of sustaining a successful PP&C and EVMS business or Government compliance practices.

We function as your marketing department or as an extension of your current marketing department. 

... That's Where We Come In.

If your company is in the business of building a product with internal or investor funding - or - were awarded a large Government or corporate contract - then, it is critically essential your product development efforts and status are correctly captured and reported. 


Nothing will kill contracts faster and loss of critical customers than inaccurate project management and reporting.

We create the critical messaging, materials and training that forms the basis and voice for quality product development through sound project management and earned value management processes.

Use Quviant as short-term mar/comm consulting or long-term for major programs or projects.

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