Program/Project Planning & Controls (PP&C)

If ‘Planning’ is King, then ‘Controls’ is Queen.

Quviant aids clients in both the commercial and government contracting space, in nearly every industry and sector. 


Quviant’s mission aids clients in achieving optimal project success by implementing tailored (yet recognized) PP&C and Earned Value Management Systems (EVMS) practices that stimulate development life cycles. We deploy a unified set of product development program controls, technical expertise, tools, and communication mechanisms that create and support high-efficiency business units and integrated product teams (IPT). 

Earned Value Management Systems (EVMS)

EVMS - The best barometer of future project performance.


Quviant has been in the forefront of helping clients understand, implement, and support EVMS from people, methods, processes, and tools.  We have the expertise supporting clients in full-rigor ANSI/EIA-748 compliant EVMS multi-billion dollar Government initiatives to projects that are internally-funded projects but still need insights to cost and schedule performance.

Whether using either full-up or modified EVMS, clients gain accurate project cost, schedule, risk, and deployment insights. Moreover, they receive invaluable insights on what they need to do next and when, how to avoid cost and schedule risks and ultimately – assure profitability.

Risk Mitigation & Management (RMM)

Stacking The Odds in Your Favor

While executing a program or project, there is a natural risk relationship or trade-off between cost vs. schedule; schedule vs. product development and product development vs. cost controls and so on.  RMM by itself is sometimes considered a stand-alone "practice" or "discipline" Many organizations view RMM is an afterthought or casually identified and analyzed in a random or brainstorming approach but not necessarily "managed."

Quviant incorporates RMM practices into PP&C and EVMS methodologies as a repeatable structure with critical measurable metrics thus providing manageable core capability.

Communications & Marketing

Communications & Marketing


You might be asking yourself why does Quviant specialize in Mar/Comm for PP&C and EVMS? The answer is - we want to help our clients be more profitable by developing their products more efficiently and within budget.


We develop integrated marketing and communications campaigns and programs that positively impact our clients, their associates and customers' lives by influencing productivity, performance, motivating cultural change and ultimately positively impact P&L.

Industries & Sectors

  • Aerospace & Defense

  • Government Contractors

  • IT & Telecom

  • Bio/Life Sciences

  • Marketing & Communications

  • ​Design & Engineering 

  • Transportation
  • Energy
  • Resources & Infrastructure

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