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Example of Brand Association:  Yugo.

Brands never stand still or remain stagnant.  The consistency of how you build and deliver your product becomes your brand.  Your brand is a living entity that needs to be maintained, exercised and promoted. Everything you do in your business, product development and marketing needs to support your brand. Conversely, your brand needs to support your marketing and business efforts.  


Quviant will build your On and Off-line brand.  We will build a brand from scratch or shift your current one.  We will design your product development identity, provide clarity of your message or produce a multi-prong advertising campaign that brings your message to buyers.

Important take-away. All the marketing and branding in the world will do nothing if the quality of the delivered product is substandard and opposite of your brand's message.

Brand Strategy

Are your core product development strengths - your greatest strengths?  For instance, let’s say your company builds software.  Besides having the latest computers and technologies, why should customers come to you, and what will they feel if your deliveries are late, over-budget and poor quality?  


Our approach to branding targets and identifies more than just the core values of your organization. We establish the basis for your differentiators that grow and increase your market visibility.

Brand Identity

Consistency of message and visual brand identity is key to providing a compelling user and customer experience that distinguishes and elevates your brand and message across every platform.  


It’s hard to bring change to an organization, and it's hard to build and maintain brand identities that are fresh and unique, but it's harder to repair dented brand identities. We'll help you build and if needed - repair your product development 'brand'.

Brand Marketing

Marketing your product development brand is defined as capturing your brand's essence in your collateral materials to your advertising channels to your promotional items. 


Whether you’re simply freshening up your look or starting anew, Quviant will help by developing and strategically planning a detailed brand implementation and execution program.  Your team will be comprised of experienced graphic designers, writers, PR and advertising professionals.  We will capture and tell your audience and customers your unique story that will differentiate you in the minds of your target audience.


From simple micro-sites to enterprise level to your corporate website we will capture and reflect your core offerings and message.  Your audiences will quickly understand who you are and what you offer.  Our goal is to optimize your customer's experience driving repeat and continual business.

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