What We Do

Quviant helps build successful engineering, product teams and manufacturers based on the overlooked intersection of marketing, branding and communications and the art and 'buy-in' of project management and earned value management systems and processes.

The Trick ... Being Heard

As in any relationship, the key or trick to good communications is to have the message heard, retained and acted.  When it comes to the implementation, adoption, and adherence to PP&C and EVMS practices - the key is to understand the audience and culture.  Implementing PP&C and EVMS practices can be accomplished in many ways from 'Thou Shall' edicts from management to coddling.

What we do for clients can be summed up in one word "strategicallyalignedmultiprongedandconsistent" messaging.  We will work with your team to understand the driving impetus and develop effective messaging and branding engages your audience.  Each concept of PP&C and EVMS principle will align and build upon each other supporting your strategic goal, and be tactically measured for audience impact.

How It's Done

Systematic Approach

Like any process, the more thorough and accurate the examination the more effective the design and outcomes will be.
Many projects do not need extensive development processes for us to help.  Nevertheless, the “thinking” and learning as much as we can about your business, culture, and objectives are critical parts of how we can best serve you. 

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