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From commercial and government contractors in aerospace and defense to high-tech companies and manufacturers, practice brokers, consultants, lenders, and more… we develop the marketing and implementation strategies and tactics that create awareness, acceptance, compliance and sustainability of sound PP&C and EVMS practices that positively impacts the bottom line.

If your company develops a product be it software or hardware made from wood, plastic or metal - our experts aid clients establishing and solidifying sound product development practices found in Program, Planning and Controls and (PP&C), Earned Value Management Systems (EVMS) and Risk Mitigation and Management (RMM). 


If your company was awarded a Federal Government contract you most likely have to implement full-rigor, DCMA compliant ANSI/EIA-748 EVMS practice.  For private companies and those with non-required EVMS systems we help stand-up less rigorous, yet highly effective variations of EVMS for internally funded projects.

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